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Carpooling at SCS

Carpooling is a great and cost-effective option for many families. We are pleased to announce that in an effort to provide SCS families transportation solutions, be environmentally responsible and help cut down on morning drop-off traffic, we've partnered with This carpool service is available online or in iPhone and Android app stores and gives parents a safe, easy way to form or join a carpool, bikepool, or walkpool.

Features include a secure matching service integrated with Google maps, scheduling, and even built-in text messages to remind parents when its their turn to drive. After signing up at, you will receive approval from SCS within 48 hours and be able to start connecting with other parents. Only families enrolled at Seattle Christian School who opt into the program are granted access, so families are assured they are connecting with only SCS families.

To register, follow the Parents User Guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our CarpooltoSchool system administrator, Hannah Johnson. CarpooltoSchool also offers customer support via Live Chat on our website, email, or phone at 800-514-3808.

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